Beta is the second letter of the Greek alphabet. In IT parlance, it means software, a digital service or a Web site that is up and running, but the version is not definitive.


However, a beta version gives a very good idea of the final product, even though there are a few bugs and issues to iron out. Its purpose is to detect these operating issues and find possible ways to improve them, while other content and features are being developed.


Why launch in beta mode?


Its a big job!


Montréal’s Web presence is a veritable galaxy of some 150 sites and nearly 80,000 pages of content. We’ve chosen to present to you, in a progressive way, useful information that you need the most in your everyday life.


This process is a huge challenge because we’ve also got to change the “back room” to develop new digital services that will make your life simpler.


We want you to be part of the process


Generally, the beta version of the Web site is only accessible to a select group of testers. We decided to remain true to our guidelines by making you part of our continuing improvement process, with a view to meeting your expectations more closely.


How? At the bottom of each page, you can tell us if the content and display are satisfactory. If not, you can explain why.

Visuel Sondage

Since was launched, we’ve received more than 700 comments on available content. We analyze every one of them in order to identify trends, misunderstandings and navigation issues – to learn more about what we’ve done well, and not so well. Your comments are a gold mine to help us to correct, realign or redesign content and interfaces to improve your experience on


Keep checking back at to test available digital services (create your personal account, let us know about a pothole, subscribe to notices and alerts, etc.) and new pages on topics that we’ll add along the way.


Stay tuned as develops by subscribing to SimpliCity; you’ll be alerted by e-mail when new blog posts are published.

Comments (3)

Paul Fortin 12/02/2017 - 20:14

Dans la liste des signalements possibles, vous mettez en évidence les « nids-de-poule » comme une priorité. En tout état de recherche d'équité entre citoyens, c'est un biais en faveur des automobilistes. Comme nous sommes tous des piétons même en chaise roulante pour certains, j'affirme qu'il serait aussi important de pouvoir signaler un mauvais état des trottoirs, en particulier sur le coin des rues ; là où la détérioration de la chaussée nuit à la circulation des piétons dans leur passage d'intersection. De cette façon, nous pourrions signaler la déformation et l'usure de l'asphalte qui provoque un mauvais drainage (en particulier l'hiver) au pied de la rampe de trottoir. Cela constitue de vrais nids-de-poule à l'échelle Gallus gallus domesticus, si on considère qu'une chaise roulante à des roues de 10 cm de diamètre.

Impressive web site, Its a good post..keep posting and update the information. I really found a lot of interesting information here, very thankful and hopeful that you will write many more posts like this one.

Bonjour M. Fortin,

Merci de nous faire part de votre expérience. Votre commentaire nous permettra d'optimiser nos différentes plateformes.

Pour l'instant, il est uniquement possible de faire 6 demandes sur la nouvelle plateforme. Vous pouvez contacter le 311 pour signaler le mauvais état d'un trottoir ainsi que toutes autres situations.

De nouveaux types de demandes seront ajoutés au fur et à mesure sur le site et sur l'appli mobile.

Continuez à nous suivre pour rester à l'affût des nouveautés!