Thank you! Several hundred of you took the test to help us simplify how users will browse This gave us a clearer vision of what works well and what… doesn’t work as well.


You understood the main categories, but we can do better

You told us that the “Services,” “Places” and “Being Active and Having Fun” intersected each other and that the names were confusing. We’re working on that and continuing our tests.

The majority of you sorted “Travel and Traffic Obstructions” and “Construction and Construction Sites” in the “News” category. That was an option we hadn’t thought of, and we’ll look into it further.

Same thing for the “Events” section that you put under the “Being Active and Having Fun” categories instead of “News.” The main event calendar will be placed under “Being Active and Having Fun” and events for the coming week will be placed under “News.”

Finally, you suggested that we make the following sections more visible: “Careers” (which we’ll rename “Jobs,” as you suggested), “Contact the City,” and “My Account.” We got the message!

Here are some of the other categories you suggested:

-  “Pet Owners” will become “Pets”

-  “Animal Management” will be replaced by “Undesirable Animals”

-  “Building Owners” will be replaced by “Housing and Taxes.”  

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Survey completed

These results will be integrated to Thank you for your participation!