Your generous comments have prompted us to explore a wide array of options. Developing new online services and revisiting the thousands of pages on our website remains a sizeable challenge! 

Zoom on the improvements we’ve made

Some of you have had trouble entering your street address when registering to Notices and alerts and to My account. As a result, we have improved our address validation tool: you can now find an address using only the postal code. This solution remains a temporary one; a new, more advanced system will be available soon for you to test.  

In other news: you can now log in to your account as soon as you’ve created it, without having to reenter all the login information. 

An ever-improving Web site 

We are constantly working on improving our beta site, namely location searches, and streamlining navigation on the various portions of the site. 

New online services that we are eager to reveal will soon be added to what is already available. The tests you are a part of and the feedback you are sending us provide us with the material we need to develop services that will hopefully meet your expectations.