Give yourself a chance to get organized rather than have to deal with the consequences of an unexpected event. That’s the rationale behind the city’s Notices and Alerts, a service expected to be used by 70% of the citizens aged 18 to 45 that we consulted.

The objective is to provide timely notification in the event of an unexpected situation that could have an impact your day-to-day routine: an extreme storm, a boiled water advisory, emergency work on a ruptured water main, a change in the garbage collection schedule, an unexpected neighbourhood library closure, etc. 

The idea is also to offer useful information meant to help you plan your activities, for example when opening hours at swimming pools are extended during a heat wave, or participate in democratic life, for example if your borough council is holding public consultations.

During the initial phase of the Notices and Alerts service, you may choose to be informed about any of the following seven subjects: 

  • Water and water mains
  • Parks and municipal buildings
  • Traffic and transportation
  • Garbage and recycling
  • Snow removal
  • Parking
  • Public meetings

You may register up to five addresses through which to receive messages (your home, your children’s school or your workplace, for example). Eventually, we will also be able to send messages that are even more targeted geographically, based on the neighbourhood and even the street. 

To subscribe to Notices and Alerts

Registering to receive notices and alerts is easy: 

  1. Create your account at (an e-mail will suffice); 
  2. Choose the subjects that interest you (emergencies are mandatory) from among the seven subjects offered;
  3. Select your preferred method of transmission: by text or e-mail.

steps to suscribe

If you have downloaded the Montréal – Resident Services application, you will receive notices and alerts in the form of notifications.


What do you think of this new service?

New subjects will be added to the Notices and Alerts service in the coming months. Please send us your comments so that we can optimize the service.  

Comments (6)

charles-jeremy… 12/12/2017 - 10:25

Avez-vous une API ouverte disponibles pour les alertes ?
Comme les avis d'ébulition d'eau par example ?


Actuellement, les données disponibles sur notre portail de données ouvertes ( sont principalement des ensembles statiques qui sont mis à jour selon une fréquence déterminée.

Pour les données dynamiques qui seront rendus disponibles à travers des API, il reste plusieurs éléments technologiques à finaliser qui sont planifiés et qui devraient être déployés au courant de l’année 2018.

Les données du nouveau service Avis-Alertes ne sont donc pas encore disponibles pour cette raison.

Louise Dubé 11/27/2017 - 16:28

Super service, je n'ai cependant pas pu inscrire mon adresse me faisant dire que cette dernière ne participe pas au service.....! J'habite pourtant à Saint-Léonard

Le service "Avis et alertes" fonctionne pour tous les arrondissements. Si vous éprouvez des difficultés lors de l'inscription de votre adresse, vous pouvez nous le signaler par courriel à l'adresse suivante: [email protected]. Merci pour votre commentaire!